13 mins

Difficult conversations are always going to be tough, and that’s because every difficult conversation is inherently an emotional one. And as a leader, it’s important that you take into account the emotions of everyone you interact with - and not just in the conversation, but in all your interactions in the lead up as well.  

In this talk, we’ll discuss how to build and cultivate trust as the foundation for difficult conversations so that your team knows that, whatever the subject matter, they’ll always be heard. We’ll also go over practical strategies for preparing for a difficult conversation.

Personal reflection

  1. What is the biggest barrier to creating an environment of trust within your team? How do you think you can overcome it?
  2. How do you overcome an uncomfortable relationship with a team member - where can you start?
  3. How would you apply this to peer relationships?


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Communicating change: leading through the change curve
Communicating change: leading through the change curve