New for 2024, we’re assembling a set of expert advisory boards to help better understand the challenges that engineering leaders are facing on a daily basis. These advisory boards will be providing their experience to help steer the themes of our conferences, think about the evergreen challenges you need help with, and the topics that are most relevant today.

The LeadDev Advisory Board

Meri Williams Pleo CTO and Advisor
David Yee The New York Times VP of Engineering
Pat Kua Seasoned Technology Leader
James Stanier Shopify Director of Engineering
Taylor Poindexter Spotify Engineering Manager
Anjuan Simmons GitHub Staff Engineering Manager
Tara Ellis Netflix Engineering Manager
Jasmine James Square Head of Developer Infrastructure for Devices Software Engineering
Addy Osmani Google Chrome Senior Staff Engineering Manager
Najla Elmachtoub Engineering Leader
Dan Blundell Gymshark Engineering Director
Javier Cardenete Morales Engineering Leader
Vaidehi Joshi Vimeo Engineering Manager
Frankie Nicoletti SoLo Funds VP of Engineering
Kristen Foster-Marks Pluralsight Principal Developer Experience Engineer @ Developer Success Lab
David Kiger Yelp Director of Engineering
Yenny Cheung Product and Engineering Executive
Katie Wilde Snyk Senior Director of Engineering
Jossie Haines Exec Coach and Advisor

The StaffPlus Advisory Board

Tanya Reilly Squarespace Principal Software Engineer
Silvia Botros Box Principal Engineer
David Fowler Microsoft Distinguished Engineer
Patrick Shields Stripe Staff Engineer
Maude Lemaire Slack Senior Staff Engineer
Vic Vijayakumar Twilio Principal Engineer
Alice Bartlett The Financial Times Principal Engineer
Shweta Bhandare Recursion Principal Software Engineer
Andrew Hao YouTube Staff Engineer
Nayana Shetty The Lego Group Principal Engineer
Ryn Daniels Explosion Infrastructure Engineer
Katie Sylor-Miller Etsy Frontend Architect
Leslie Chapman Comcast Engineering Fellow
Matthew Hawthorne Supreme Informatics Independent Software Consultant
Javier Fernandez-Ivern Netflix Staff Software Engineer
Sabrina Leandro Intercom Principal Product Engineer
Hannes Ricklefs BBC Head of Architecture
Blanca Garcia Gil Independent Data Consultant

The LeadingEng Advisory Board

Meri Williams Pleo CTO and Advisor
Nivia Henry Netflix Defiantly Sparkly Engineering Director, Growth Experiences Engineering
Kathryn Koehler Netflix Engineering Director, Productivity Engineering
Lena Reinhard Engineering Leadership & Executive Coach
Christian McCarrick Meta Engineering Leader
Lara Hogan VP of Engineering
David Yee The New York Times VP of Engineering
Tanisha Barnett Mailchimp-Intuit Senior Director of Engineering
Neha Batra GitHub VP of Engineering
Bruce Wang Netflix Engineering Director, Games Platform
Rukmini Reddy Slack SVP of Engineering
Pat Kua Seasoned Technology Leader
Smruti Patel Apollo GraphQL VP of Engineering
Maria Gutierrez Personio VP of Engineering
Dana Lawson Netlify SVP of Engineering
Emily Nakashima VP of Engineering
Cat Hicks Pluralsight VP of Research Insights & Founder of Developer Success Lab

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