15 mins


In any company, all departments share the common goals of creating products and services that customers love, creating a profitable company that generates shareholder value and maintaining an engaging work environment that attracts and retains the right employees.

Each department's work to achieve these goals is quite different, necessitating different strategies, principles, and cultures.

If not well understood and managed, these differences can lead to bad outcomes initially for employees and eventually for customers and shareholders.

The potential for problems arising from different ways of working is often highest between Go To Market (GTM) teams (e.g. Sales & Marketing) and Engineering, whose work is perhaps the most different from each other.

This talk attempts to help engineering leaders better understand how GTM teams work and guide them toward more effective collaboration with GTM peers.

Product engineering cross-team collaboration - from idea to MVP
Talk Product engineering cross-team collaboration - from idea to MVP
Harmonizing across cross-functional teams
Harmonizing across cross-functional teams