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About Epsagon

Epsagon enables teams to instantly visualize, understand, and optimize their microservice architectures. With our unique lightweight auto-instrumentation, gaps in data and manual work are eliminated, providing significant reductions in issue detection, root cause analysis, and resolution times.

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Chris Harding, Solutions Engineer, Espagon

Join our live demo to learn how our platform enables teams to instantly simplify, visualize, and understand what's happening within complex microservice architectures. With our comprehensive lightweight auto-instrumentation, users are able to eliminate the gaps in data and manual work associated with other APM solutions, providing significant reductions in issue detection, troubleshooting, and resolution times. Epsagon aggregates, unifies, analyzes, and correlates data from all the third party tools you love, delivering a single pane of glass for understanding containers, Kubernetes, serverless, and more.

Who should attend? DevOps, Engineers, Cloud Architects, CTOs, IT, Software Developers, Solution Architects and Engineers, SREs, and anyone who is running microservice-based applications (Kubernetes, containers, serverless functions, and more) in the cloud.

Simplify complex architechture, eliminate manual work, visualise and correlate data to fix problems fast.