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About Bugsnag

Bugsnag manages full stack application stability for making data- driven decisions on whether to build software or fix bugs. Our best-in-class mobile support and diagnostic data enables teams to reproduce and fix errors grouped by root-cause, sortable by business impact, and displayed alongside rich diagnostics.

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Ivan Diaz, Solutions Engineer, Bugsnag

Every error does not concern every engineer. Your team members don’t need to be pinged about every application error, especially when an error occurs in someone else’s part of the code. In fact, it can become a negative distraction that takes away focus from their work. Join Bugsnag's Solution Engineer to discover why eliminating noise and focusing on the bugs that you can and should fix, drives a culture of code ownership, and improves developer productivity.

Not all bugs are worth fixing. That's why Bugsnag exists -- a full stack error monitoring and stability management solution designed to help you boost productivity while you keep your apps healthy.