15 mins

As leaders, we talk often about offering good feedback and direction, but we often fail at its deceptively difficult counterpart—the craft of listening. How can you better understand the underpinnings and science of a listening practice applied specifically to difficult situations—in which you have little opportunity to control the context—and build better skills for comprehensive, empathetic listening?

In this session, we will discuss tactics for supporting safe and open one-on-one spaces for listening and understanding constructively.

Personal reflection

After watching the talk, we'd recommend taking a few minutes to think about the following:

1. Can you reflect on an example in which learning more about your emotional or cognitive context and the context of the person to whom you’re listening has (or might have) improved your understanding of the situation in play?

2. How are you challenged tactically in your day-to-day listening—whether generally or in a newly-remote context? What can you do to help you focus on listening constructively?