27 mins

Most of us hope that our engineering organizations will grow and scale with the success of our businesses, but that growth is often easier said than done. The strategies that worked when all your engineers could all sit and work in the same room won’t necessarily be successful when your engineering org has grown to hundreds of people. How can you scale up your engineering organization and still maintain an effective collaborative culture?

This talk will look at organizational scaling through the lens of Effective Devops, introducing the four pillars of Collaboration, Affinity, Scaling, and Tools, and then focusing on scaling specifically within engineering. We will examine the idea of the devops compact and how it can serve to guide growth throughout the organizational lifecycle. This talk will use the ideas of effective devops to help the audience consider questions such as:

What are the benefits of single-function teams versus cross-functional teams?
How can you prevent unhealthy silos from forming?
When do you need a dedicated team for X?
How do you balance scaling technical skills with growing “soft” skills?
Organizational growth is a complex topic with no one-size-fits-all answer, but listeners will learn how to apply the principles of effective devops to find solutions that fit their own organizations.