10 mins

As more companies offer longer parental leaves and other leaves of absence, managers and their teams are learning how to handle them successfully. Extended leaves are an amazing benefit and highly valuable to the individual and their company. Preparing for leave comes with its own set of risks and challenges, but many people neglect to prepare for the challenges that arise on returning from leave.

You will learn how to deal with the concerns you may experience as you re-integrate into your workplace, including:

- Am I still good at my job?

- If my team succeeded while I was away, do they still need me?

- Everything is the same!

- Everything is different!

- I gave away my Legos, now what?

Leaders will learn how to help their reports return to work effectively and positively. Teammates will learn how to support and empathize with their teammate returning to work. Those who’ve taken such a leave will nod along, knowing that they are not alone. This talk will provide actionable insights into what it’s like to return to work after an extended leave, the challenges one may face, and how to overcome them.