45 mins.

How do you transition from a “maker” into a “manager” role for the first time?

When stepping into a manager role for the first time, we often fall back into our comfort zone of being an engineer. We end up neglecting managerial responsibilities, working on completing more tasks instead. But it’s important to remember that you were not promoted to a management position to increase your own productivity but to amplify your teammates.

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked, where Oren Ellenbogen will join Suzan Bond to discuss ‘Leading Snowflakes’, the new engineering manager’s handbook for leading these unique individuals or “snowflakes”.

Leading unique individuals that tend to be incredibly analytical, self-driven, and ambitious to deliver their best and grow in their careers can be challenging for new managers. Oren will cover tactics and processes you can implement today that will improve your management skills and ultimately make you more effective at leading software engineers by improving your ability to communicate, collaborate, delegate and inspire others.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to manage your calendar as a manager 
  • Understand how to delegate tasks without losing quality or visibility 
  • Build trust with other managers and teams 
  • Discover the traits that make a team scalable
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Managing Humans: Michael Lopp in conversation
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The Manager’s Path: Camille Fournier in conversation