45 mins.

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Gain a better understanding of how to be an effective manager without micromanaging

As a manager, it's crucial to have visibility into how your teams are working to lead and support them effectively. However, with an increase in the number of teams or a large project, managers may become more removed from day-to-day operations, making it challenging to gauge their team's well-being. This loss of visibility can lead to difficulties in determining the state of the team from the outside. So how can managers ensure that their teams feel supported without micromanaging them?

Watch our panel discussion, where engineering leaders will share strategies for maintaining an appropriate level of visibility across their teams and work. We'll focus on identifying the essential insights managers need to know to understand their team's health and provide the best support possible. Additionally, we'll discuss the importance of measuring relevant data to track progress effectively.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to maintain a healthy level of visibility across your teams 
  • Learn how to manage your workload against your responsibilities of managing reports 
  • What your reports need from you, and how you can be the most supportive leader
  • How to interpret data that will give you accurate, holistic insight into team performance
  • Stay involved in your team (without micromanaging)
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