Leading a software team is a great challenge. It’s a group composed of highly skilled people with different profiles and aspirations who somehow still need to achieve a single objective. So how does one succeed at this task?

Besides being a naturally complex challenge, it is hard to understand where to focus on. Between the people, the project, and the technology, there is definitely enough to keep someone busy.

This presentation will cut through the noise and bring a practical perspective to it. It will use systems thinking to present a holistic approach to leading a successful team. 
Success is defined by:
- The team is efficient at delivering working software and achieving business goals.
- People working in it are fulfilled and growing in their careers.

It will center its contents on all the systems within and around a software team and analyze them in the three areas it needs to succeed: Product, Engineering, and People. It will look at the leader’s role and give insights and techniques on where they should aim their attention to succeed.