45 mins.

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Find the path to seamless cross-functional collaboration and drive success in ever-evolving engineering teams

Layoffs and reorgs have left many teams looking very different than they did a year ago, and teams are facing unprecedented obstacles due to layoffs, reorganizations, and ever-present project deadlines. With limited time to adapt to new circumstances, teams grapple with the complexities of leaner structures, skill gaps, and a need for clarity around ownership and resource allocation. These challenges inevitably result in project bottlenecks, hindering short-term productivity. However, the long-term consequences lay in the lack of visibility and shared vision between teams, leading to friction and demotivation among developers.

In this panel, senior engineering leaders discuss their approach to breaking down damaging silos and share strategies for fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency within newly restructured teams. Gain valuable insights into effective resourcing techniques to ensure developers can easily access the resources they need to deliver their best work.

Key takeaways

  • Learn to give your team clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Gain a collective vision and objective for your org
  • Empower your engineers to know where to go to get the job done 
  • Learn how to effectively restructure smaller teams, taking into account business objectives and the career progression goals of your reports
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