Learn when to decentralize ownership can be necessary for letting your team develop and advance in their career.

As a Lead Developer you have your own tasks to complete, but you must be there for your team too: to coach, mentor and supervise them. You shall enable your team to perform as efficiently as possible and you care to enable everyone in the team to be as productive as possible. You are constantly observing the progress and growth of your team members. At some point, some of them become capable for taking bigger responsibilities, for taking over certain topics and offloading your plate. Do you still insist on keeping the control over everything or you simply let go of some responsibilities? It is certainly not an easy decision when the Lead Dev shall delegate certain activities and fosters self-organization.

In this talk I will show you situations and will point out to indicators, which clearly speak if the team is ready and mature enough to evolve towards self-organized team. I will explain when “decentralizing” the ownership and the decision taking is necessary and how to make that beneficial for both sides: for yourself and the team. When you let go of responsibilities, you make room to focus on something else and at the same time you open opportunities for your ambitious team members to grow and advance in their career.