Line management was a useful and important part of my career progression. I found it rewarding and developed some valuable skills.

However, over time my role had become almost completely managerial. There was no space for me to get into the weeds of the code. I missed the code. I thought I may have missed the chance to be senior and immersed in the technical. I worried I couldn’t do it any more. It was by ‘good luck’ that I discovered the options I had. Perhaps I shouldn’t have left this up to luck!

I think the path I followed is not uncommon. It can be unclear how to make the transition back to a technical role (aka Individual Contributor, or IC). It’s hard to find out what options you have and what path is ‘best’ for you. Our career path is often led by the needs of the structure we’re working in. This is useful, but it's important to question at what point a change of path might be right.

This talk should help you crystallise what options there are. It will clarify what actions can be taken to find out more. Whether you decide to ‘put down line management’ or not, you can make that decision in a more informed way and be more confident in your choices.

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Practical systems thinking for Software Engineers
Practical systems thinking for Software Engineers