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How can you create and maintain an effective working environment as your business grows?

If your engineering org is scaling, congratulations! Periods of growth are exciting but they also present challenges, especially when it comes to managing people. How can you grow your team into a resilient, agile workforce? And how can you make sure you’re providing the proper support to your engineers so that nobody is left behind?

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Episode 01: Supporting engineering teams through times of growth

How can you steer your team through new, changing landscapes? In this webinar discussion, our panelists explored how leaders can manage the necessary changes, while also fostering a culture of opportunity and growth for engineers.

Featuring Tripta Gupta (Engineering Manager at Braintree), Leon Zhao (Engineering Operations at SAP SuccessFactors), Austin Bagley (Senior Developer Advocate at Pluralsight), and Raul Herbster (Engineering Manager at Spotify), the panel discussed:

  • The fundamentals of successful, sustainable growth in engineering teams
  • Which growth strategies are best for your team
  • How to communicate effectively to reduce uncertainty and build trust from your engineers
  • How to retain and grow your engineering talent as your organization continues to scale

Episode 02: Supporting your team through periods of uncertainty

Teams and companies are constantly changing, but some periods of transition can feel particularly challenging. In this article, Jean Hsu shares a few useful techniques to help you support your team through any period of uncertainty.

From being intentional and clear in your communication style, to setting up regular synchronous and asynchronous check-ins, to providing your colleagues with peer coaching, Jean shares techniques for giving – and getting – the necessary support within your team. The more you practice working together, the better equipped you’ll be when things don’t go to plan.

Episode 03: Scaling engineering in tough times

If you’re faced with the job of growing your engineering team, it’s a clear sign that things are going well. But that doesn’t mean scaling a department is easy. In this article, Tim Howes lays out the typical challenges related to recruiting and onboarding new folks as your business grows.

From hiring enough people in a short time and keeping your candidate quality high, to competing for talent and getting onboarding processes right, Tim shines a light on the common obstacles when scaling a team, and shares his advice for how to overcome them.

Episode 04: How engineering leaders at Apple, Facebook, and more create adaptable teams

All tech companies want to be nimble and flexible, but not everyone has the knowledge or experience to get there. In this article, Austin Bagley brings together advice from five prominent tech leaders on how to build adaptable and agile teams, from putting people first to reconsidering your organizational structure.

Featuring interviews with Scott Lewis (Vice President of Engineering at APiO), Jonathan Rayback (VP of Engineering at Evernym), Heidi Helfand (Director of R&D Excellence at Procore Technologies), Mike Rasmussen (Data Center Site Manager at Facebook), and Nikola Milanovic (Solutions Architect at Apple), this article outlines strategies to help your growing business thrive.

Episode 05: How to effectively onboard teams at scale

How can you bring new engineers up to speed in a large or growing organization? In this roundtable discussion, we brought together a group of senior engineering leaders to discuss how they approach onboarding at scale.

Following a short presentation from Austin Bagley on the key factors for onboarding success, attendees discussed their biggest challenges and how they’re finding solutions, including how to help new starters understand a company’s ecosystem; share legacy knowledge; onboard large cohorts; and build psychological safety.

A final takeaway

Managing your people through periods of growth and uncertainty is a challenge, but it’s during these times of change that your teams need you most. And in the words of Austin Bagley, ‘take care of your people, and your teams will become resilient, agile, and adaptable’. By communicating effectively, investing heavily in hiring processes, and encouraging a culture of support among your teams, you can help to build a positive and proactive environment, so that your engineers can thrive and grow along with your business.

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How to effectively onboard teams at scale
Episode 05 How to effectively onboard teams at scale
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