Leaders rely on their influencing skills to get things done. Increase your impact on your team and organisation by strengthening your influencing skills. While you might have the best answer or insight to a problem, it won’t matter if you can’t influence people to listen to you. This workshop will show you how.

This course will help you understand where influence comes from and practical things you can do to increase your influence regardless of your role, through a combination of discussion, theory and practical exercises.

What will you learn?

  • Why influence matters more for those on the IC track
  • Where influence comes from
  • How to understand your scope of influence
  • Common traps that limit one’s ability to influence
  • How to increase your chances of getting buy-in and enacting change
  • Tools to expand your influencing toolkit with practical experience

This workshop is aimed at people further along the IC track such as the Senior Software Engineer, Staff Engineer, Principal Engineer but will also benefit those in management roles such as Engineering Managers or Team Leads. If you want to increase your influence, then this workshop is for you!