Optimize technical interviews to align with desired skills, improve candidate experience, streamline resource utilization, and ensure precise hiring choices

Often criticized in the developer hiring process, technical interviews suffer a bad reputation due to their ineffectiveness in assessing crucial skills - usually because most companies aren't very good at them. Many candidates dread them for being anxiety-inducing and detached from the actual role they are applying for. However, neglecting the improvement of technical interviews means missing out on a pivotal opportunity to evaluate candidates' technical abilities accurately. Optimizing these assessments in today's competitive job market is essential for hiring the right person.

In this panel, engineering leaders will share their experiences of good and bad technical interviews. They will discuss how hiring managers can create effective interviews that evaluate the skills they are looking for and, crucially, how to make it a positive experience for everyone you invite to the interview.

Key takeaways

  • Tailor technical interviews around the skills you’re hiring for
  • Create a better candidate experience
  • Optimize time and resource utilization during hiring
  • Ensure well-informed and accurate hiring choices are being made