45 mins


Give your teams the tools they need to succeed in circumstances of unexpected change


As an engineering manager, you’ve built a great team and put plans and strategies in place to maintain performance and deliver results. But engineering managers all know that priorities can change daily. Whether it’s a reorg, a new boss, or a resignation, you have to put your best-laid plans aside and react. But how you react can drastically affect the rest of your team, so how do you ensure your team feels safe and secure during the unexpected?

In this panel, our speakers will consider how to prepare for times of uncertainty. They’ll look at how to communicate change, how to make individuals and teams feel secure, and how to create flexible plans that can withstand changing circumstances. They’ll also share how they personally steel themselves against change, and how to ensure uncertainty doesn’t overwhelm them.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to create flexible plans that can withstand unexpected changes in circumstance
  • Understand how you, as a manager, can make individuals and teams feel secure in times of uncertainty
  • How to build a strong engineering team that can withstand change

We have invited LeadDev Berlin headline speakers to join us for this webinar focusing on how to manage change effectively and build strong engineering teams that can withstand the unexpected.  Join us for this panel discussion for a sneak peek into the headline speakers’ exciting talks they will be giving at LeadDev Berlin in November.