The shift from manager to director isn't a step forward, it's a leap. As an engineering leader, you need to scale your impact - broadening the scope of your vision and honing your efforts on actions that will provide the greatest results.

Your peers change, your focus shifts from team to the larger organisation, and you take on more of your own career development. To have true impact as a senior leader, you’ll need to scale yourself, shift your management style, navigate organisational friction, and develop productive feedback loops.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding your value and success criteria as a senior engineering leader
  • The skills you need to have impact and enact change
  • The difference between managing ICs and managing managers
  • Tools for navigating organisational friction as a leader
  • How to build strong relationships with your reports, cross-functional team, and wider org
  • How to create feedback loops to get productive feedback for self-improvement.

During the day, you’ll participate in interactive exercises that will allow you to convert the day’s learnings into practical actions. You’ll leave the day with new knowledge, resources, suggestions for self-improvement, and the ability to start implementing your learnings immediately in your role.