Tech has gone through a 14-year bull market which many believed would never end. But it did end, starting in 2022.

A whole generation of leaders has only led through times of abundance, hyper growth and unbounded optimism. These leaders are now asked to cut expenses and do more with less. In many cases, they are asked to execute layoffs. Sometimes, without knowing, they are caught in a mass layoff orchestrated from above them which impacts their teams, their peers; sometimes even their own managers.

Regardless of their role in the layoffs, leaders are left with a Herculian problem to solve: recovering their teams after a sudden shock to the system. And they realize that skills and behaviors that worked through the sunny days do not work through these gloomy times.

In this talk, we will cover actions and behaviors leaders must demonstrate during the months following a layoff. Attendees will leave the talk knowing how to lead their teams from an emotional state of betrayal, fear, frustration and confusion to a new state of hope, energy, enthusiasm and trust.