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Ensure products are functioning without the resources to do comprehensive testing

In today's changing landscape, engineering teams often find themselves under mounting pressure to achieve more with fewer resources. However, the idea of maintaining full availability seems unattainable. With limited resources and reduced teams, engineering organizations must completely rethink their developing and testing software strategies. When it's impossible to cover every line of code with current resources, what other metrics can engineers rely on to ensure the same high level and rate output?

This panel of engineering leaders will delve into staying competitive in an environment where comprehensive testing is no longer feasible. They will focus on practical ways that smaller-scale tech companies and organizations going through substantial changes can feel confident about the reliability of their software. The panel will explore approaches that resonate with real-world challenges, from improving development processes to adopting testing strategies that save time, cost, and valuable resources.

Key takeaways

  • Explore the relationship between reliability, maintainability and availability 
  • Define a sustainable testing strategy for your organization
  • Learn about different software reliability metrics that you can implement
  • Understand how to incorporate reliability best practices into your existing engineering culture
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