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Panel discussion brought to you in partnership with Lohika


Successfully scaling an organization is hard – no matter the size of the company. Deciding on your company’s mission and vision, developing your marketing strategies, and hiring more employees are all essential to scaling and come with a unique set of challenges – so how do we go about tackling them? 

In this panel, we will hear from engineering leaders who have scaled their companies, from seed to Series A, and up to IPO and beyond. They’ll be discussing their experiences scaling organizations of different sizes, with varied team structures and unique visions.

Key takeaways

  • Understand what scaling means at your company’s stage
  • Determine your company’s unique growth model
  • Design team structures around sustainable scaling   
  • Tackle the growing pains of change within your organization 

Brought to you in partnership with Lohika

Lohika partners with growth-stage technology companies to help them engineer the next Big Thing. Lohika’s purpose is to enable high-growth companies to thrive and succeed with elite engineering talent. Lohika’s clients include Okta, PagerDuty, Twilio, Pinterest, and Asana.