The Handbook

Introducing the handbook

Welcome to the LeadDev Engineering Management Handbook. As you work your way through this series, our expert contributors will help you learn the basics of engineering management, from your first week to your last day in the role.

While many of these tasks will be the same for any manager – be it having effective 1:1 meetings with your reports, or mastering the art of delegating – nearly every article in this series was written by an engineering manager themselves, leaving you better equipped to navigate the intricacies of driving software teams, with no generic management advice.

What's inside?

Down the left hand side of the page (or via the dropdown menu on mobile) you will see a list of topics we will help you explore throughout this handbook. Each topic will include a set of articles which will help you understand this key part of the job of managing engineers, plus a deeper dive into some best practice from our expert contributors.