In tech, the conventional approach to building systems often assumes planet-scale requirements from the outset, often resulting in architectures that might scale up smoothly but can often burden organisations with unnecessary complexity and costs from the get-go regardless of whether the anticipated user scale materialises or not.

In this talk, Viktor challenges this approach by advocating for adaptability and a return to basics in system design. Drawing from his experiences, he explores the pitfalls of over-engineering and the importance of simplicity and evolvability in scalable architectures. Through concrete examples, including challenges faced at Personio, Viktor will discuss the need to prioritise correctness, ease of reasoning, and understanding of trade-offs when architecting systems for sustainable growth.


  • Prioritising for correctness and simplicity and how to avoid unnecessary complexity that hinders scalability and resource efficiency.
  • Understanding how inherent trade-offs and their implications can support the creation of scalable and informed architectural decisions.
  • How to optimise systems not just for technology but also for real-world understanding, enabling smoother onboarding of new team members and scalable growth.