Join me for a deep dive into a down-to-earth data story that has been overshadowed on the stage.

While discussions often revolve around cutting-edge technologies like genAI, ChatGPT, and deep learning, this talk shifts the spotlight to what truly matters for most companies—practical data analytics and real-world machine learning applications. 

Learn why enabling data-driven decision-making and automating tasks with machine learning are the keystones that can truly make a difference, particularly for companies transitioning from start-up to scale-up. We'll explore the essential steps in establishing and proving the product-market fit of a new, small data team in a scale-up environment, essentially a data start-up within your own company. 

This talk explains how to kickstart a data team, establish a robust data platform, and implement the first data analytics and machine learning use cases. With the new data team proving its value, it's crucial to avoid getting stuck when experiencing a surge in demand. Drawing parallels with the growth pains often experienced by expanding engineering teams, we'll use concepts from Team Topologies to navigate the challenges and scale your data initiatives effectively. 

Whether you're a data enthusiast, an engineering leader, or part of a growing start-up, this talk promises valuable insights and actionable strategies for creating your own success story with Data & ML.