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About CodeSignal

CodeSignal is the leading technical interview and assessment solution, helping companies identify the right candidates with the right skills—even if they don’t have the “right” profile. For far too long, companies have spent too much time sifting through all the noise produced by traditional resumes, homegrown assessments, and inconsistent interviews, when all they really want to know is how well candidates can do the job.
CodeSignal helps companies go beyond the noise with smarter assessment questions, a simpler process, and a stronger platform. Founded in 2015, CodeSignal is trusted by leading companies like Netflix, Capital One, Meta, and Dropbox.

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Are you ready to spend more time developing and less time interviewing? CodeSignal can help you cut down engineering time spent interviewing by 40-60%-- without compromising on candidate experience. 

Connect with a CodeSignal expert who can help you find the right solution. 
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Claim your free Self-Guided Task from Fable
Claim your free Self-Guided Task from Fable
Enter to win a Sonos Roam with SHL
Enter to win a Sonos Roam with SHL