People are hard, so why are they called “soft skills”?

Much like technical skills, there is both science and art, theory and experience, to becoming good at leading, managing, coaching, mentoring and developing people. In this workshop, we’ll look at some of that theory, share experiences and boost your ability to develop yourself and others.

In this workshop, we'll cover:

  • The science behind motivation
  • Characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Managing & leading
  • Developing yourself & others
  • Giving & receiving feedback


What to expect

Workshops are full-day (9 am - 5 pm) sessions hosted by tutors with decades of experience in building successful technology organizations. You will have the opportunity to put new skills into practice with hands-on activities and guided pair/group discussions.

Supplement your conference experience with a workshop pass

By purchasing a workshop pass add-on, you receive an additional full day of tutoring and group roundtable training and discussion alongside the LeadDev event. Our workshops are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited venue capacity. 

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