Major changes to how our organizations work, from reorgs to strategy shifts to new teams, often expose growth areas in our organizational culture.

Yet soon after such a change, we frequently see teams make a mad dash towards velocity improvements, skipping over the fundamental work of investing in the culture necessary to support the change. This can create a nearly invisible impediment to the velocity we're striving to attain.

However, there are also situations where culture can ensure clarity and drive sustainable velocity, where your organization's culture becomes a force multiplier for your change work. How can leaders examine proposed changes and prepare their teams to move from a culture that impedes progress to one that enables strategic change?

Key takeaways:

  • Helping our teams acknowledge and navigate necessary culture shifts will take time initially, but long-term, can help us move faster, with greater clarity and predictability
  • Clear examples where culture change supported our strategic change
  • How to map to the culture and values you need to support a proposed change