Building great teams requires many things of a manager.

One that is not often discussed but can be critical is how to approach managing team members out. We all hope that we don't have to move on from anyone but there will be times when it is the best thing you can do for your team. 

In this talk, we'll go over a framework on how to approach managing out humanely. We'll start with the foundation of setting expectations, providing direct feedback, and working with your report to bring out their best. We hope that by taking these actions a direct will make adjustments to meet expectations. We'll explore ways to frame the situation that is honest and objective, that allows you to constructively move forward with kindness. Simply put, if they are not fit for the role, it's unfair to them, the team, and the organization to not take action. By the end of this process, separation will not come as a surprise to anyone. 

You will leave this talk with knowledge on: 

  • How to approach defining expectations on the role regardless of the materials your company provide 
  • Ways to provide direct, actionable feedback against expectations and avoid ruinous empathy 
  • The importance of accountability in the process 
  • Aligning your approach to help your directs grow and succeed 
  • Holding tough but compassionate conversations when it's clear it's not working out